Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crossing Oceans

All packed up from the Viville Quilt Expo and off to the 20th birthday celebrations of  Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork at Ste Marie aux Mines.

I shall be  spending quite some time at the Crossing Oceans stand as I have  pieces of work in this wonderful exhibition which has been curated by Jane Rollason. The group consists of Jane Rollasom. Hilary Beattie, Charlotte Yde, Irene McWilliam, Elain Quel, Lin Hsin-Chen, Bergen Rose, Ineke Berlyn, Christiane Kuhr, Pat Archibald , Kay Haerland, Frieda Anderson and myself. We have  five small pieces and one large piece each. I decided to explore olive trees.

And Jane Rollason's lovely tulip arrangement with its beautiful colours!

We have a spare bed in the cabin we have rented at Ste Marie ( about 20 minutes from Ste marie) if anyone is interested. The cost per night is reasonable and I know  accommodation is always at a premium on this  weekend of exhibitions. If you are interested please email me  and I can give you details.

And finally a new panel for the medieval project- a Chartres king. He is  the same size as the queen ( approx 8 x 18 inches  20 cm x 45 cm). The scale of the figure is also the same. The cost of the panel is $20 plus postage ( which is $3) email me if you are interested 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Viville Quilt Expo

My feet have barely touched the ground since our Pozible campaign success- a mountain of work to achieve and not enough time and then this week I  left Australia for France to attend Jane Rollason's delightful exhibition in Viville, Viville Quilt Expo- in the tiny village where she lives in the Charentes. I love big events in small villages as it brings something special to places that are usually ignored in the big rush of bigger and "better"places, bigger and better venues. This week is lovely  as it is getting together with old friends in a sense, people I have learnt to know and befriend largely through Quilts en Beaujolais and a off course some new ones as well and because it is a small event there is a real chance to spend quality time with likeminded people!
Jane at work on a new piece.

 Chantal Guillermet and Caroline Higgs with some of their work and also some work from a group project they have been involved with- Fifteen by Fifteen. I love seeing other people's work and seeing what they have been up to. It is also possible to have a cup of tea or coffee, some cake or a sandwich and wine for lunch in the cafe which is part of the Salle Communale. It certainly encouraged people to make a day of it yesterday. There are three venues including the old chapel  and of course the countryside in this Cognac region is gorgeous and the weather sublime!

And then some more wonderful news for the Sentinelles- they will now be seen in Melbourne again! So this coming weekend they will be seen at newcastle, then Brisbane, then Melbourne and  then in Adelaide- you can read about it on Into Craft Blog.
It is also possible to  buy a panel for the Medieval project- there is the Queen of Chartres available but there is now also a king- I will share images next blog post. This project is also starting to acquire legs- with already some venues organised for 2015!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Berry Patchwork Exhibition Sentinelles

We have 10 hours to go in our Pozible campaign and we have 213 supporters for our dream to publish our book. Thank you for sharing in our dream  and we will keep you updated in our progress on a regular basis! It is still pozzible to pledge and get a book at a 20 % discount. That discount will not be available when the Pozible campaign finishes in 10 hours. It will help some of our storage issues as well as books take up a lot of space! We would be excited if you decided to join our journey. Hopefully if all goes well with this book and then we  will dream about our Italian project.

I am at Berry Patchwork exhibition this weekend showing off the wonderful Sentinelles- everyone is loving them!

And an early morning photo of Merimbula Beach on Friday in memory of my favourite aunt who sadly passed away last week- I shall so miss her, I often stayed with her because she was also my friend, we laughed a lot , told stories, shared delicious food and wine and even had some holidays together. I have special memories, Diana and for those I am grateful.Her family  are much in my thoughts in this sad time for them.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thank YOU !Target Reached but You can Continue to Pre-order the Book

Oh my goodness- last night we reached our target and  we are absolutely thrilled that you have believed in our project. Early next week I will publish the full list of thank yous to all of those who pledged and believed in our project! So Thank you one and all. Big or small your pledge has  made our dream possible!

But  if you wanted to pledge and missed out you can still pledge until the 31 August- as this is the only way to preorder the book at the discount price. You can still do this through the Pozible platform.The book will not be available at the discount price after this date, and in the future I shall not be carrying too many books in my luggage as it will be a substantial book and my luggage is reserved for quilts and fabrics! Continued pledges would also be useful in helping pay for some of the in-kind services we mentioned in our previous blog post.

Also we can now say the book will be a definite goer !

So if you missed out it's still possible to pre-order the book and if you do we will add a small gift as well and  giftwrap your book. Or indeed you can still pledge for any of the other available Rewards. We were delighted that all the rewards for the hand made books were taken up. And yes we shall have our work cut out for us!

This weekend we are heading off to the Berry Patchwork and  Quilting Retreat  to show off all those wonderful stitched Sentinelles- yes they will see the world again!
and I shall be selling my  panels of the Chartres Queens, which is part of the Medieval project- which will premiere in france in April 2015 and Berry next year.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

4 Days to Go and 181 Supporters

Cocteau's cat looking heaven ward in the little chapel in Millie le Foret in France at the La chapelle Saint-Blaise-des-Simple

What a monster of a day yesterday turned out to be in our fundraising campaign and we are getting closer and closer to our target. First of all our heartfelt thanks to Carole Veillon of Quilt Mania not only for putting our quest on the front page of the Quilt Mania website but also  with a very generous gift to help us realise our dream. 

We also want to thank Emma Coutencier of Au Fil D'Emma on her blog for her translation into french of how Pozible operates as it is  relatively unknown platform in  France.

Thank you everyone for believing in us!

  But most incredibly we are 97% funded- which is just  so exciting for us and we hope for you as well! We still have a bit to go but hope it will  be reached by tonight!

Remember that  we have also used Pozible as a system for pre-ordering the book- at a 20% discount. We will not offer the book at that discount again so if you would like the book at $9.95 off order it through Pozible plus the postage and packaging within thebnext 4 days when the project finishes ( we will even nicely gift wrap it for you!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Days and 144 Supporters!

 We have 5 days to go in our Pozible campaign and we now have 144 supporters. Thank you all and one ( and you will be thanked on my blog if we reach our target ) for without you we would not be at the 66% mark. Thank you for believing in our project.

I have  been told that some people consider our target of $20,000 to be expensive for  self publishing a book. We did  put on our Pozible campaign page  what the money will be spent on  and  publishing in Australia would have been much more expensive ( though we have not closed that door quite as we would love to support a local business). In fact in most of our research of other campaigns for self publishing , the targets for self publishing full colour books at around the same number of pages but much smaller format, were at $30,000 plus ( and not signature stitched but glued).

So  part of our savings have been that design fees, colour photography fees and colour matching and typesetting are all in kind fees. If you don't typeset properly you end up with really ugly looking text- its an important lesson I learnt from one of my teachers when I did the  desktop publishing course and it is something my daughter Celeste- the  designer- is passionate about. It means  each word is hand kerned- which means you adjust the spacing between most letters in the chosen fonts because believe it or not not all fonts are beautiful just on their own, they are often tweaked to make your paragraphs look beautiful. We have translation fees of course and then there is all the work in ensuring good photos that are inspiring. We have also chosen to use a high quality paper because we would like the book to  be a quality object, and of course a hard cover  and signature stitched case bound, which means no glued pages to fall out or come loose and which adds to the strength of the book and last longer.

I hope this explains some of our costing in more detail- getting to all the nitty gritty has been a huge learning curve and we researched  about a dozen books we liked the look off, and went though every page critiqueing and noting what we liked and didn't like. We are really attempting to make an art house book that is a number of standards above the every day craft book whilst still acknowledging that many textile pople do want to know how to do things  which is why we are making the dvd.

Anyway number 150 supporter- if we reach our target we will have something special for you!
 You can see sample pages of the introduction at a preview we have set up on Issu

Monday, August 25, 2014

6 Days to Go for our Pozible Fund raiser

Oh my goodness it's so close and so far. We are at present 60% funded in our Pozible campaign or close to it but there is only 6 days to go for our fund raising efforts to self publish our book Musing in Textile: France. If we do not reach our funding target we will receive no funds and all our work will have just been hard work for nothing.

Yesterday made us believe again and we want to thank all 133 supporters for your  pledges and sharing of our  campaign- without you we would not be where we are- close so close . Somehow halfway was always such a landmark for us but when we reached it we thought oh no it means we have another 50% to go and not much time left.

We are surprised only one of the workshop rewards  has been pledged. I often get emailed  as to when I will be teaching in Sydney or Canberra- but unless the big groups invite you it is  difficult to organise so we really  costed the workshop reward to be good value for you and 7 friends plus you will get a book each as well ( and I have to travel to each place as well which is part of the whole package). In Melbourne you even get lunch :-)

The Book Reward is offering the book at a 20% discount to entice you to pre-order in effect- this will be the only time that the book is offered at a discount like this . Postage had to be included because it is difficult to travel with a mass of books that will weigh over 1 kg each.

We hope you will help us cross our Target line!

And some images of ice dyeing I did to make some fabric  on which to print the medieval tree linocut. If you pledge  for a Reward of $80 or more one of these prints will be yours as a special thank you gift from us. Top photo is the tray  of ice dyeing. On the left is linen fabric and on the right the normal cotton fabric I use.